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What's the best ad on Facebook or Instagram?

What’s the best ad on Facebook or Instagram?

  • There is no singular ‘best ad’ on Facebook or Instagram.
  • Facebook build our platforms around people, and people have different preferences and tastes. Therefore the best ad for me is probably not the best ad for you, and the best ad for me today may not be the best ad for me tomorrow.
  • We thus define the best ad, as the ad that is the most relevant to a particular audience.
    If I were a sushi loving football fan who regularly goes to matches on the weekend, then a coupon on a Saturday for a local restaurant near my local football ground may be the best ad for me at that moment in time. On a Tuesday, it may not be.
  • More explicitly, relevance is about delivering the right story about our brand or product, to the right people, at the right time.
    This is important, as Facebook and Instagram are platforms filled with amazing stories.
  • Stories are 22x more memorable than facts, as they are engaging and persuasive.
  • Whenever we build an ad for Facebook or Instagram, we first consider the people we are looking to reach and build it with them in mind.
    This helps to ensure that the stories we tell are relevant.
  • Facebook and Instagram offer many different targeting options when delivering our ads that we can play with to ensure we are delivering the right message to the right people.
  • In your Business Manager, you will be able to see how well ads are resonating with particular audiences through their relevancy score
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