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How will the Facebook pixel + GDPR meeting end?

Facebook pixel + GDPR = 

Facebook advertising is one of the best and most relevant forms of advertising. However, GDPR will make it more difficult for many of those advertisers expecting to be able to optimize the same as before with Facebook Business Manager.

Facebook has communicated that advertising on Facebook will continue as before, but at the same time, it is clear that it is the company advertising that is responsible for compliance with all data protection laws in the regions they advertise.

Facebook Pixel – Helps you communicate relevantly to potential buyers

The Facebook Pixel is a piece of code retrieved via Facebook’s enterprise tool Business Manager. The code must then be integrated into the pages of the businesses website. The code identifies anonymous visitors on the website and matches the data they can identify about each individual with the data available on each user on Facebook. Facebook reveals no personal information about the individuals that they collect through the pixel. But Facebook allows the advertiser identify the general interests, demographic status, etc of their visitors.

What data will a Facebook pixel identify and save?

  •         Http Headers – Everything contained in the top of the raw code on the website. In the so-called “header” you can identify the unique IP address that the individual connects from, which browser is used, where the individual is located, where the visitor came from and who the visitor to the website is
  •         Pixel-information – Identifies the Pixel ID and Facebook cookie
  •         Click-information – Where on the site the visitor clicked.
  •         Optional data points – If you have enabled the calculation of conversion, page type, etc. you can identify this as well.
  •         Form field name – For example, if the field is called ’email’, ‘address’, ‘quantity’. Important information for online retailers. By default, the pixel does not save the content of the form. But it can be activated in Facebook Business Manager

GDPR – European Data Protection Act to Protect European Citizens Online

GDPR The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679 is the EU’s new data protection law aimed to protect EU citizens rights online. It obstructs the ability to collect personal data and build large databases with individuals in order to influence them with for example marketing. The law goes into effect on the 25th of May.

The business should communicate clearly to the individual in plain text that all data that an individual gives away will be stored and possibly used for marketing within a period that must be specified. Failure to comply with this regulation will impose severe fines. These fines have been formulated up to 4% of gross sales or £ 200 million depending on which amount is the highest.

GDPR forces advertisers to get permission to use Facebook pixels

GDPR forces all visitors to approve that the website they visit may through the use of Facebook pixels re-advertise and analyze collected data in order to utilize more relevant advertising for that Facebook visitor. In order to protect users on Facebook, Facebook has enabled the opportunity to pause the tracking pixel until approval has been granted.

Facebook pixel – Proposal for Solution

Facebook for developers has developed a feature that pauses the Facebook pixel until the individual has approved the Cookie policy on the site. It is enough for the individual to click on a button that communicates “I agree” if the environment surrounding the button, clearly communicates how information is gathered and used.

My advice is to during the initial transition to GDPR implement this feature through Facebook for Developers.

Facebook’s press release: New Privacy Compliance and Protections for GDPR

Need help with the Facebook pixel or a more thorough explanation? Call or email me directly at 0731462925 or

By Rikard Lindholm15th of May, 2018



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