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Digital marketing Agency in Stockholm with a modern approach to marketing online. Skilful experts of Facebook, Google & web developers work together.

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American brands guide success in Sweden

American brand entering Swedish market I have been a fortune to see, follow and experience some great brands entering ...

How will the Facebook pixel + GDPR meeting end?

Facebook pixel + GDPR =  Facebook advertising is one of the best and most relevant forms of advertising. However, GDPR will make it more ...

What is Facebook pixel?

Facebook pixel explained and how it works with GDPR. (updated 20 july 2019) A Pixel can be created in the”Facebook Business Manager”-account by an ...

How much can TV influene.

Do I have any choice? Do I have any choice is a documentary series produced by the Brand New ...

Who will win the Swedish election?

Who wins the Swedish parliamentary elections in 2018? Looking back at the US election, by the 18