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29 min read

Traffic is good. Converting traffic is better.

SEO-Keynote from Tommy Skålberg

Traffic is good. Converting traffic is better

There is a total of 47 slides and we had 30 minutes at our dispense so the pace is, therefore, high.

  •         We look at the whole customer journey – customers search, what happens next?
  •         How has Nibe been so successful?
  •         How do the search results look like?
  •         Optimize for “User Intent”, how is that done?

Our 3 quick tips:

  1.   How to handle domain- and language management correctly.
  2.   Give visitors the information they want (and require).
  3.   Don´t Make Them Think – make things easy for your visitors.

Finally, Stefan Sager shows how to optimize certain settings in the CMS tool and then we answer audience questions.


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