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Måndag-fredag, 08.00-17.00

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F8 Facebook Developer Conference 2016


Price for a ticket: $595


Fort Mason Center
San Francisco, CA


Tuesday and Wednesday
April 12 and 13, 2016

Yesterday Facebook made it possible for you to register to attend the F8 2016 event at the Fort Mason Center in San Fransisco. It´s a two day conference on April 12-13, provided by Facebook.


What´s new?

This year, F8 will feature product announcements, experiences, and sessions across their Facebook family of apps and services.

You’ll learn about the latest tools and best practices for designing and building your app, new surfaces for discovery and expression and innovative ways to make the world more open and connected.

Schedule for F8 2016

F8 schedule 2016

This year there´re a lot of sessions and you can attend  as many as you want to. To make it easier for you to choose I´ve segmented the schedule by topics.


  • Commerce
  • Design
  • Emerging Markets
  • Engineering & Open Source
  • Facebook Integrations
  • Games
  • Growth & Monetization
  • Instagram
  • Media and Publishers
  • Messenger
  • Oculus
  • Research
  • WhatsApp


F8 commerce

If you can´t attend, you can watch a stream

You find more information about how to watch the F8 conference here.

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Cambridge Analytica - Rikard Lindholm kommenterar de datadrivna kampanjerna som avgjorde valet.

Cambridge Analytica

Facebook advertising by Cambridge Analytica commented on by Rikard Lindholm on TV4.


24 min read

Trumps fake news-fabrik

Trumps fake news-fabrik

Donald Trump vann valet tack vare den mest effektiva, men kanske minst kända, digitala...

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Duplicerat innehåll = Bestraffad av Google!


Duplicerat innehåll

Tre enkla tips för att undvika bestraffning av Google


  1. Innehållet skall vara så...