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Google Smart Display Campaigns (SDC)

Google Ads SDC (Smart Display Campaigns)

Google has just introduced the Google Ads SDC (Smart Display Campaigns) which drive performance on the GDN (Google Display Network) using the power of Google’s machine learning.

  • Reach people at all stages of the buying cycle
  • Minimize guesswork and spend less time on campaign management



“With Smart display campaigns, advertisers see 20% more conversions atthe same CPA when compared to their other display campaigns”  / Google


Real-time optimization at scale

  • Google Smart Bidding relies on Google Brain to power the Machine Learning driven algorithms.
  • Serve more ads, learn faster and innovate quicker. AI will learn from both display ads, search, YouTube, and shopping ads.
  • More signals and better signals. Google Smart Bidding includes signals unique to Google’s data set including cross-device users, hyper-local geo, highly targeted user interests, a deep understanding of contextual signals, in-market data, and more accurate demo info.


Automated targeting: manage up the funnel

Optimize for re-engagement and new customer acquisition
Leverages Google Brain to provide the audience and contextually relevant expansion across remarketing,
Similar Audiences, Audience Keywords, In-Market segments, Topics, and Placements.


Smart Display Ads: testing and optimization

Tests across billions of combinations
Leveraging multiple machine learning modules (asset selection, colour extraction, auto-fitting, etc.) to
generate the right message to the right user across desktop, mobile; image, native and text inventory.



How do I create a Smart Display Campaign on Google?

  1. Click +Campaign and select the Display tab.
  2. Select the marketing objective that most closely aligns with your business goals: Sales, Leads, etc.
  3. Scroll down and check Smart display campaign.
  4. Pick your campaign geographic and language targeting.
  5. Enter your daily budget and CPA bid.
  6. Click Save and Continue.



I´m looking forward to seeing how this new type of campaign will perform, how well it will leverage the power of AI.

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