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How much can TV influene.

Do I have any choice?

Do I have any choice is a documentary series produced by the Brand New Content Production Agency for SVT and UR. It will be sent in full, five parts in the autumn and in a summary on Wednesday 1 August 2018 at 22 pm on SVT 2.

The documentary participates, among other things

  • Martin Schori, News Manager at Aftonbladet. Martin Schori wrote the article Trumps Fake News Factory using Semantiko’s Rikard Lindholm
  • Jack Werner, journalist and lecturer in source criticism. Jack worked as a social media editor when he founded viralgranskaren.se.
  • Björn Palmertz, analyst at the Defense College: disinformation, troll accounts, online manipulation.

The documentary deals with how political forces are able to influence citizens for a choice like the parliamentary elections in Sweden, which takes place September 9, 2018. In the program series, Elin explains pedagogical impact in social media, dark ads and fake news.

Richard Lindholm participates on Wednesday, August 1 in the SVT documentary

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Cambridge Analytica - Rikard Lindholm kommenterar de datadrivna kampanjerna som avgjorde valet.

Cambridge Analytica

Facebook advertising by Cambridge Analytica commented on by Rikard Lindholm on TV4.


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Facebook algoritm update

Facebook requires more to reach out. “The media world is shaking”.

Facebook’s algorithm not only benefits the...

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Trumps fake news-fabrik

Trumps fake news-fabrik

Donald Trump vann valet tack vare den mest effektiva, men kanske minst kända, digitala...