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Propaganda & Information manipulation seminar focuses on the sender of the incorrect information, their purpose and the methods that they may use.

Rikard Lindholm lectures about Information manipulation at Fojo

Propaganda & Information manipulation

Rikard Lindholm is again invited to Fojo as a lecturer in optimized advertising and disinformation campaigns.

The media institute, Fojo, notes that 2018 is an election year with a drastically different media landscape from ever before. The “Propaganda & Information manipulation” seminar focuses on the sender of the incorrect information, their purpose and the methods that they may use. The media institute Fojo, therefore, invites Semantiko’s co-founder Rikard Lindholm to attend the seminar on Propaganda and information manipulation on April 9th, 2018.

Rikard Lindholm comments:

It was quite inspiring to participate in this autumn’s education. The recent Cambridge Analytica disclosure will make for even better discussion!”

Media Institute Fojo

The media institute Fojo (continuous furthering education for journalists) is Sweden’s only institute of education exclusively for journalists. Fojo’s mission is based on a government regulation from 2001. Fojo is funded by tax money from the Ministry of Education and Fojo International, which was established in, 1991, is financed mainly by Sida.

This seminar is the first in a series of seminars that Fojo will organize on Propaganda and information manipulation before the election in September of 2018. Fojo has chosen to invite a multitude of experts and specialists both internationally and nationally with the aim of educating individuals working on these issues. The seminar takes place in Kungsvalvet on Hantverkargatan 52 in Stockholm and is currently booked out.

More information is available here:

Åsa Larsson, editor Viralgranskaren

Viralgranskaren is part of the Metro publication and in 2016, they won among other things a price for their scoop in tracking and revealing online scams

Björn Palmertz, analyst at the Swedish Defence University.

disinformation, troll accounts, manipulation online

Lyudmila Savchuk,

Exposed a troll-factory in Russia

Mikael Tofvesson, Head of Unit Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency

How Sweden protects itself against impact campaigns and information manipulation?

13.00 – Rikard Lindholm, Expert at Data-driven marketing and co-founder of Semantiko

The content of his 4 articles

How commercial companies can, with awareness of target groups, relevant message formulations and optimized advertising, affect people in a decision-making process, his own positive attitude towards marketing tools and how what he sees as his solution to it all.

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Rikard Lindholm, Marketing Scientist & co-founder


By Semantiko MTWABP 28th of March, 2018

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Cambridge Analytica - Rikard Lindholm kommenterar de datadrivna kampanjerna som avgjorde valet.

Cambridge Analytica

Facebook advertising by Cambridge Analytica commented on by Rikard Lindholm on TV4.


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