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Quick fix when images do not show up with Safari, iOS, El Capitan

With the latest update for Safari (9.0) we ran into some CSS-problems for some of our WordPress themes, images did not show up. Here we present a quick fix that will help you with that.

Background-images where displayed correctly so we worked hard to find a solution for this. Thanks to Google and other creative developers out there we came over a simple solution with a small piece of CSS-code that will fix the issue.


CSS quick fix when images do not show up:

html:not(.mobile-true) #main img:not(.animate-element, .ls-s-1), html:not(.mobile-true) #header img, html:not(.mobile-true) #bottom-bar img { opacity: 1 !important; }


Notice that you have to replace some parts of the code to adapt to your specific ID´s and parts of your site (as we use #main, #header, #bottom-bar).

We hope that this quick fix will help you if or when you get in the same position as we did.

Quick fix when images do not show up with Safari, iOS, El Capitan
1 min read

Föreläsning Facebook annonsering

Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Riga

Lecture in Facebook advertising

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce has invited Rikard...

1 min read

Cambridge Analytica - Rikard Lindholm kommenterar de datadrivna kampanjerna som avgjorde valet.

Cambridge Analytica

Facebook advertising by Cambridge Analytica commented on by Rikard Lindholm on TV4.


7 min read

Facebook algoritm update 2018

Facebook requires more to reach out. “The media world is shaking”.

Facebook’s algorithm not only benefits the...